Alphabet Clock

Bring in the Alphabetic New Year at Precinct

Published on SZW:

A rare event is upon us again: the Alphabetic New Year! Occuring once every 676 days, this year's celebration falls on December 12th. At 7:00AM Eastern Standard Time, year FJS will become FJT.

There's a party happening on Monday, December 12th at Precinct in Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts. Come enjoy live music and poets as we bring in the new year! Live music starts around :OC (8PM).

Put the Alphabet Clock on Your iPhone!

Published on SEZ:

John Howard recently developed the Alphabet Clock as a native iPhone app. To install it on your iPhone, search for WTF Clock in the app store. The app juxtaposes the time in World Time Format with a traditional analog clock. Check out the full description of the app at

Many thanks to John for his support of World Time Format and the Alphabet Clock!

Celebrate the Alphabetic New Year!

Published on RZX:

A rare event is upon us: the Alphabetic New Year! Occuring once every 676 days, this year's celebration falls on February 4th. At 7:00AM Eastern Standard Time, year FJR will be history and a the new year FJS will be upon us!

So how do you celebrate the Alphabetic New Year? First of all, keep in mind that unlike the standard New Year celebration, the Alphabetic New Year happens at the same exact moment all over the Earth. So that's 7AM in New York, 4AM in Los Angeles, and noon in London. Use the World Time Format converter to find out when the New Year comes for your time zone. (Convert the WTF time "A" to standard time and that will tell you when a new alphabetic day starts in your time zone.)

Secondly, make sure you are viewing the alphabet clock's full date display. Then click on the year digit and a details pane will appear. This is a nice display to be watching during the final moments of FJR.

Thirdly, celebrate the New Year by engaging in alphabet-related activities, such as:

  • eating alphabet soup
  • visiting Alphabet City
  • playing word games
  • inventing your own alphabet and insisting on using it even when filling out your tax forms
  • listening to They Might Be Giants' Here Come the ABC’s album
  • or don't celebrate it. Party pooper.

Finally, celebrate it in person at Diesel Cafe where was created! There will be a brief morning celebration starting around :ZW (6:51AM) and a longer evening celebration involving the playing of word games. If you'd like to participate in either celebration, email for details.

Introducing Alphabet Clock 2.0

Published on RXL:

Never underestimate the power of encouragement. This newest release of Alphabet Clock would not be possible without the enthusiasm and contributions of John Howard, a local JavaScript programmer.

When I released the first version of Alphabet Clock back in the month of N (March), John came up with a great idea for Alphabet Clock. He suggested adding dates and synchronizing the dates with the Julian Day. He even wrote some JavaScript demonstrating the concept.

Fast forward to the current month of X, and I noticed that John was still excited about Alphabet Clock and even published his own version. (Be sure to check it out. He's added some cool twists like adding subseconds.) That kind of enthusiasm is infectious and encouraged me to update Alphabet Clock.

So here's what's new: